Look Who's Steppin’ Up!

Classroom of the Month


This month, Project STEP would like to recognize Anna “Avie” Hays and Andrea Montoya for “Steppin’ Up” at Brenham Head Start.  Avie and Anna know the importance of communicating with each other to create a positive, high quality environment for their students, and therefore plan together to prepare lessons and materials each day.  They are especially effective in creating engaging small group activities to extend students’ learning.  Congratulations to Avie and Andrea!

Teacher: Anna “Avie” Hays

About the Teacher: I was born and raised here in Brenham, Texas. This is my third school year with Head Start and each year has been better than the last. My goal here is to inspire children to value both knowledge and creativity. Aside from teaching, I also enjoy painting, scrapbooking, and sewing.  Ms. Andrea and I make a wonderful team, we couldn't do it without each other. We also have amazing parents and students - they really make our job enjoyable.


Andrea MontoyaTeacher’s Assistant: Andrea Montoya

About the Teacher: I was born and raised in Brenham Texas. I am a single mom to three beautiful girls. I am currently going to school online for my Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education. This is my second year teaching and I absolutely love it!





The three tips that Ms. Andrea and I thought were best are:
1. Repeat everything
2. Be consistent
3. Work as a team

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